Monday, July 30, 2007


resolution for aug

1. thou shall nt spend money on clothes or shoes any more

2. thou shall nt eat in expensive restaurants

3. thou shall eat cup noodles or food less than 5 bucks for e month of aug

4. thou shall reduce e download usage from internet websites

5. thou shall keep track of expenses


it's funny how ppl who always...

think tt others are at fault are those who are in the wrong as well

point out e flaws of others always have those flaws themselves

think they're e best are often one of worst of humanity

feel that others have failed them are those who have often failed others as well

tell ppl to shut e fuck up shld themselves shut e fuck up

it's so ironic...
e person whom we hate most is almost freakingly similar to us...


echizen said...

Ackk, babe, willing to break number 2 and 3 for me??!! :33

...we go sushi buffet and eat at the end of the month? XD *huggles* You jiayou in everything okay! :)

estelwen said...

OMGGG!!! I've been thinking of eating sushi with u too!!! it's just been constantly on my mind but i dun noe when will be a good time since both of us are busy.. gahhhx..

i'm willing to break any rule for u babe. since i <3 sushi too.. *drools*