Monday, July 16, 2007

hello hello

hello hello

i haven't been updating much u see.

i'm facing e prospects of being fired frm my job. teehee. nt because i'm doing a lousy job *which i think i am anyway* but because contract teachers are swarming the place like flies & soon i too will join their ranks. is me making any sense?

and with so much contract teachers joinin MOE, i wonder if they even have any places for me.

my chinese is still like shit, which results in me speaking shitty chinese. or, maybe singchinese. wadever. my tuition kids say i swear too much. but honestly. i didn't noe A.S.S was a swearing word until i saw e bewildered looks on their faces. den i went uh-oh....

but as long as peace last, my mouth tends to be 'clean'

maybe working makes me think less, by trying for form alliances aka frenships & trying not to take sides with teachers firing arrows frm all over e place. ie e old generation vs e new, e chinese vs e other races, it gets kinda of frustrating and irritating as to whom u shld please & whom u shld piss. and u noe it's impossible to please everyone but so much easier to piss anyone. what e hell, office politics becomes so fun.

and i haven even met up to have a decent chat with my frens for e past few wks. which even makes me wonder if i have any.

my body has also been highly overworked, reaching a temp of 38.2 °C. delicious. hahaha. and somewhere along e way, i just hope tt my salary can support even my basic lifestyle + my family. my life looks fairly

p.s: many thanks to those who still rmb me & drop in notes once in a while. appreciate.


chee said...

*drops by to leave a comment once in a while*
^^ u take care too!

zhixin the lovely said...

Ooh Estel~!!! <333
Teeheehee you must remember that we LOVE you! ^0^
(Estel: o_O)
Oh yes we do! Muahahaha...XD
Heh anyway do pop your daily medicine (yes that's what I'm doing =P I'm getting more and more normal ^___^) and that should keep you going (and sane)!~!
Hur hur...yep yep cuss all you want behind your students back and show your ANGELIC side to them! *imagining Estel with a halo*
Take care and try to curb your pining for me! =)

Faith said...

glad to see ur still as mental as ever!