Sunday, July 22, 2007

hell bank notes

i'm nice to everyone but my own family.

fuckin hell

i am selfish

go ahead, condemn me to hell, i wld love to burn in it


every once in a while, girls have pms. for me, i start ranting abt how life has been unfair to me, how my family sucks to hell, and how i've sucked at living my life because stupid As ruined it

u're rite, i'm jealous, i'm fucking hell jealous of ppl who can stay at home and rot. they don't worry abt money, they are even bored of rotting. i didn't even get e chance to rot. i don't even have time to go out and give myself time to chill, away frm e fucking ppl i noe.

i don't have time to buy clothes, i don't have time to do e things i want, i don't even have time to spend e money i've earned.

earn now, spend it later as ur retirement fund.

maybe i wldn't even get to e age of retirement. i wld just have heart attack, or car accidents or suicides and die be4 age 65. then when e hell can i get e time to spend e money?

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chee said...

Don't worry about PMS my dear, mine is divided into Pre and Post stages so most of the time i'm especially sweet and cynical at the same time. Doesnt that sounds like me all the time?

Anyway, take heart that I am also working since god knows when and these two weeks i'm trying to fix up my jobs when school starts to make sure I have a stable income.

Relax and be happy... u nv know how much time we have left.