Tuesday, July 17, 2007

so desperate to believe

even e most empty promises can seem so comforting in times of need.

we r so desperate to believe.


Faith said...

it isn't empty.

minis said...

u wldn't noe until something happens and ppl arent there. are those nt empty?


Miao said...

By your logic you wouldn't know if promises are empty until you die. But by then you will have lost consciousness already, so there's no way to find out too, i.e. you will never, ever find if promises are true in your lifetime.

(I'm not being sarcastic.)

(I'm not being sarcastic about not being sarcastic.)

(Ad infinitum.)

Miao said...

i.e. you will never, ever find out* if promises are true in your lifetime.

Faith said...

what happened? and who wasn't there? and why does that make it empty? no, i don't think its a promise. its a statement, a fact, that you are not, that you are never, alone. you are only as alone as you choose to be, as you choose to isolate yourself. people can do all they can, or people can give up on you. but you, on your part, have to reach out, and meet those who are still with you in the middle, and try and find a way out. theres only so much one can do. how much is ever, ever enough? and is it really anybody's fault? and myabe im just talking in circles huh. haha. love ya.