Sunday, October 01, 2006


So don't wish upon a star
Cause a star can only get you so far
And it doesn't matter who you are
Cause the sky looks better from the ground
Anyway you never know what you got
And even if you do it don't mean it's gonna stay
Tomorrow is another day
You only live once and I'm living for today

jc is a place where u'll find urself growing up alot.

i was kinda of cynical @ first when my senior told me this. but looking back at e archives of what i've raved & ranted, i guess maybe she's right after all.
e past 2 yrs in ny was a roller coster ride. i went through periods of extreme mood swings, depressions, obession, self-inflicted pain, crushes & what have u. it wasn't a great ride & i definitely wldn't wanna go thru it again.
maybe e only sign for me tt i've actually grown up frm some incident is tt i felt immensely stupid when reading my archives. but maybe it might be wrong too. who knows. now as i run e last lap, i keep asking myself what are e things i'll miss in ny. maybe it's e fact tt i missed cedar alot tt has pushed me to go through this process so that i can treasure those things i feel tt i'll miss when i leave this hellhole.
just like in sec sch, all these familiar faces will become distant once u've moved on to another phase.
maybe wad's so amazing abt e network of human relations is tt u can nvr be complacent or even think tt u have it under ctrl because u r not. graduation doesn't mean an end to all this tiring process of maintaning e network. weird ppl will nvr fail to show up... either u decide to take up e romantic idea of living in bukit timah out of human contact or live with it, of which none sounds very inviting.
whatever it is, we only live for ourselves. so forget e crap abt altruism. i'm nt making any sense. bahbah sheeps....

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