Thursday, October 05, 2006

Song of Los

I Will sing you a song of Los, the Eternal Prophet:
He sung it to four harps, at the tables of Eternity,
In heart-formèd Africa.
Urizen faded! Ariston shudder'd!
And thus the Song began;--

William Blake's Song of Los 1

The archetype of the "creator" is a familiar image in the illuminated books of William Blake.

Here, Blake depicts an almighty creator stooped in prayer contemplating the world he has forged.

William Blake's Song of Los 2

In this image, Los resting on a cloud, leans on his hammer, the symbol of his creative energy.

He stares down at the bright red sun that he has fashioned out of components of his own soul.

The sun represents the giver of life, that most fundamental of elements which keeps the world in balance and nurtures the development of all physical matter.

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