Sunday, October 15, 2006


yeah i noe it's cliche, all e gdbyes, gifts, tears, hugs & blahx. but who cares, it's nt everyday tt u say gdbye to ur friend as both of u embark on another part of life's journey, be it to e Unis or to some other parts of e world.
u cry because u don't know when u'll meet her/him again, because there are so many uncertainties in life. (i mean if u knew u were gonna meet someone again, wld u even bother to have said goodbye?)
u nvr know how things may change after u've separated, how different things will be after ur frend who has been there for u leaves. u know tt no matter how many upteen times u write keep in touch in notes or letters or how determined u are tt u'll definitely keep in touch with this very close friend of urs, ur relationship with her might be as strong as ever, but there's also a high possibility tt both of u may drift apart. nothing is for sure, ppl change & so do their needs & mentalities...
photographs are e inventions of humans to capture a moment, be it real fake hilarious ridiculous, it captures ppl & places, & it reminds us of our past when our memory fails us. u take photos because u want to rmb what life was like with these bunch of ppl ard, how each place in e sch holds a special meaning for u.
u find urself becoming santa claus, giving gifts & letters to those tt have been with u throughout these 2 yrs, thanking them for friendship, apologizing for ur mistakes, urging them to keep in touch. maybe these words are hollow, maybe they're just last min attempts to make sure tt there will be no regrets when they leave. wadever it is, someone just wanted u to know that u had once meant alot to their lives & they appreciate u for tt.
goodbye marks an end, to my life in cedar, & then in nyjc. it tells me to move on, to leave without regrets cus there's no looking back. it gives me a closure & strength, & prepares me for e nxt part of my journey.

~thank u nyjc.


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