Friday, October 06, 2006

of the disconnected P65

maybe u might think i'm refering to e apathetic youths of singapore, rather i'm refering this whole bunch of people who are disconnected from e ppl they claim to serve or represent.

call e youths of singapore apathetic all u want, i've read enough in disgruntled entries on blogs. so with e MPs having this concept tt are our youths are self centered, they try all means to connect with the younger generation, by having these bunch of post 65ers (who apparently are young enough to connect with us) to set up blogs & if like that's not bad enough, they will be dancing hip hop @ the chingay parade. rite, so they wld expect me, to feel suddenly very inspired & VERY CONNECTED with them. it's just painful to see them try...

PAP is trying too hard to get youths onto their side. honestly, youths just want their voices to be heard. nt in some lousy stomp forum where attention seekers get to narrat abt their harrowing expriences on sitting on e MRT, or in some youth forum where a bunch of bimbotic no life youths complain abt abolishing e exam & education system just for e simple reason tt they don't want to study.

yes the P65 & e PAP are trying, but maybe they're just trying too hard to connect into any viable socket as long as they can avoid e responsibility of listening to youths & doing smthing worthwhile for them. youths are nt just any socket u can just plug into & hope to get smthing to work out. we don't want some stupid coffee shop talk where we just TALK but there is no ACTION. we don't want some 40 to 30 yr old MPs dancing hip hop or blogging with us. we just want them to listen & take action, is tt too much to ask for? apparently for e incumbents, it is.

"All of us are having fun. It's not important whether we perform well, we dance well or whether we look professional on tv or during the parade. Most importantly, we have to connect with the youths of today," said Lam Pin Min, MP, Ang Mo Kio GRC.

forget abt putting on an act or granting "freedom of speech". the more u try to connect, e more disconnected u are.

they are also NOT THAT young lor....

they think its so easy to connect with the youth meh?

youth blog, they also blog.
youth dance hiphop, they also dance hiphop.

come on lah.... u really want to connect with the youth, u just need to open ur ears and listen. don need come out so many pattern and act wannabes.... u'll onli make the youth move further from u onli....
dk99 from SPUG


Miao said...

u'll onli make the youth move further from u onli....

This is absolutely correct.

I wouldn't want to be associated with people whose dance steps are reminisicent of CYL's.

I shall not leave my name for fear of being sued by balding lunatics said...

I quote The Attention Seeker:

... i did not went into the train...

That is very good English. Lee Kuan Yew would be so proud that after so many years of efforts put into trying to promote English, he has succeeded so admirably.

two of my frens vomitted and we ended up with no appetite..

No person in his right frame of mind would have appetite at the mere sight of her anyway.

it was the worst incident i ever had

Oh. And I thought her birth is already the greatest tragedy.

simin said...

haha! haix. oh well... some ppl

faith said...


i shall not leave my name for fear of being sued is CUTE!!!

and aiyah, why so critical? whether or not they're trying too hard, i think you guys have missed the important point: fact is, they ARE trying what. cut them some slack. its quite painful to watch them. haha. funny fun fun. whootz.

I Don't Want to Be Sued said...

Of course I can't possibly leave my real name. In case there are lunatics out there who refuse to acknowledge their own receding hairlines and bad Engrish.

Miao said...


estelwen said...

to faith babe: yes i agree that they're trying but they're just trying too hard to look like as if they're doing smthing. u mean these bunch of ppl get paid thousands of dollars a month (or even more) by e ruling party to dance hip hop & blog (abt bimbotic stuff like their reflections for a certain event?)?
it's nt like nobody has pointed a direction for them where they can start with, they're just afraid of opening up e channels because they just wanna avoid more trouble.
first e ruling party encourages free speech, but if anyone does try to follow their call for free speech, they clamp it down, saying we're just whining & not giving solutions. u mean we vote for them just that they can wait to hear our solutions? aren't they the cream of e crop? e cleverest ppl who can come out with solutions? isn't feedback another form of "solution" where they can modify e policies to suit e crowd? it's just pathetic.

to i don't want to be sued. great job! i love ur tone. as always, it's lovely! muahaha.

Light said...

I don't want to be sued: LOL, can I proclaim my love for you? XD

Anyways, I get what you mean by 'Engrish' but Engrish generally refers to bad Japanese English. And even though that's something bad, it's still degrading to Engrish to say that *coughcoughcough*'s bad English is Engrish! :P And yes, I echo you, isn't her birth the greatest tragedy already? -___- Gahahaha, I have a feeling I know exactly who you are. :P Can you guess who I am? XD (pretty obvious, eh?)


As for the discussion itself, I guess it'll take a long time before they realise that to connect with the youth, all they gotta do is behave appropriately, ie. act their age (hello, hiphop at that age will only make youths O_O and wonder whether they may accidentally break their backs) and garner some respect. Things that generally only youths do, should be left to the youths to carry out. There's a reason why only young people do them.

And of course, like what everyone has already mentioned, listen. And act.

*wooooot. long ass comment! XDDD*

Miao said...

Light, of course I know who you are. We were in the same class and the same exco last year... Heh heh.

estelwen said...

haha, but why light? it's a nice nick though. hohox!

btw i still dun noe who is i shall not leave my name.. oh well