Tuesday, October 31, 2006

rubbish barbish larbish

i honestly think chen weilian's fans are weird...
they are overzealous, over protective & overdemanding... like hello ppl?! get a life honestly will ya? so what if u guys voted infinite times for ur weilian & den he was leading in e 60% vote count thing. aren't u forgetting that steph sun has her own group of fans too? so what if he was leading in e vote by fans? there's still another 40%. have 60% lead doesn't make it a CONFIRMED WIN!!!?? and poor chen weilian felt so disappointed tt he didn't win. he was quoted in e newspaper tt he felt tt it's like winning 4D and den being told e nxt day tt it was a mistake or smthing... DOTXXXX
comparing weilian to sun, she has quite a few albums while he has only 1, and he's only a local singer. sun is already a regional singer & i bet her fan base ranges from china to malaysia & all other asian countries. furthermore how da hell did weilian end up in e hong xing da jiang? IS HIS ACTING EVEN NICE? OMG PPL!!!!
i'm nt surprised chen weilian didn't win & can e fans can stop making a big hoohaa demanding tt e votes are screwed & stuff. URGH GET A LIFE PPL!!!!!
ok nvm, i'm random. just bimbo rambling but hurhur.

studies killed me...............


zihui said...

actually, i was kinda worried that he might win cos his fans were never known to be rational, and he, humble.
Anyway, take care wor, gonna chiong...my mum ban me from maple from today onwards...boo hoo hoo

simin said...

OMG really!? so sad! nvm 1 month later i play with u wor! haha, i hang there den u help me lvl up? can?? :P

Miao said...

I agree with you.

Chen Weilian should learn some humility.