Tuesday, June 13, 2006

“To show pity is felt as a sign of contempt because one has clearly ceased to be an object of fear as soon as one is pitied.”~Friedrich Nietzsche

maybe not cease to be an object of fear but rather a person can be accorded the basic respect of a human being.

i realise that for me, pity seems to be a emotion that i will inevitably feel after i've finished hating a person or after i've given up hating a person. somehow i feel that e feeling of pity comes frm the self knowledge that i'm a notch superior than the other, thus i pity their inability to reach the lvl of enlightenment tt i've somehow attained. i pity them like a helpless creatures figuring their way around in a glass box with me peering down @ them, i pity them for their narrow mindedness, their inability to be receptive to idea that there is a bigger world out there, i pity them for their assumption that they already know everything there is to know abt the world.

maybe i just couldn't come to terms that the person i've loved turns out to be so different what i had thought she would be.

i used to hate e world alot. but when i grew up, i started pitying those around me who couldn't see the world the same way i did. then i started asking myself what made me think that my beliefs were correct & theirs wrong? in what aspect have i shown myself to be more mature when in many trying situations, i have crumbled more easily under stress & become emotional whenever things were not to what i've planned? who knows they might be looking at this disorientated schizo & pitying me for being such a weakling.

it's always amazing how we always think we're at e top of the world, hallucinating that everyone is trying to achieve the lvl of "attainment" we've reached, only to realise much later that we are actually very far behind....

i'm tired.... and there's a long way to go...

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