Thursday, June 29, 2006

so i get fucked up by my mum for playing computer games at this hr instead of studying.

i need a god damn it break.

for fucks sake i dun even feel like studying anymore.

i shld just drop out of sch, clean toilets, work as a prositute or smthing

i bet life wld be much better

and e worse thing is she always has to wake up when i'm playing, how come she doesn't wake up when i'm studying. psyhcic arh?

go eat shit & die honestly, she's going to rant abt this until i finish my exams and if i dun do well, which is a definitely, i'll get fucked up by this shit head again.

and u know what. i know that i've studied harder, but it's still not hard enough

am i fuckingly making any sense?

e sch shld just kick me out & then i'll go to some high rise flat & jump to my death

it's not fair those clever brains in rjc and other top schs love studying so much & score so well. it just happened tt ppl have different interest. some like studying, some like playing computer games. so studying is made "legal" can't they do so for computer games?

fuck fuck fuck. simin pls fuck up and die. if u gather enough courage one day, just jump down e window god damn it.

i'm ranting.fucker

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