Monday, June 05, 2006

someone flamed my sis's blog:
anonymous: sining ah. sighs. u are such an idiotic ass.

ok it isn't really offensive but e fact that e person stayed anonymous & called my sis an ass is offensive. i mean i noe that she's a ass but she's nt idiotic, she's a cute ass so shut up anon... the worse thing is my sis kept insisting intially that i was anon. riteeeeeee

feeling pissed, i decided to flame back tt anon. but i needed a more innovative way, a more indirect way to make that ass srry. so i wrote this in my sis's tagboard:

anonymous: i'm so srry... sighs. i didn't mean it.

rite, me so clever to fake an anon. u like to be anon rite.... i'll make u regret it. i bet e real anon will just die of anger. HAHAHAHA

i don't know if is it me
but when i write my blog, i have this tendency to tell myself to write positive entries... u noe like chicken soup for the idiot's soul or smthing but i end up failing terribly cus my bouts of bipolarism is always amplified at nite. so i get emotionally depressed at night... i noe i'm crazy

i noe it sucks to read blogs that make u depressed. i mean most of them are for entertainment purposes rite? supposed to make u all happy & stuff. like my sis's blog. she tells me she blogs happy stuff there. to try to "fake" a happy entry. or else if she shows signs of depression, everyone will come running to her tagboard & start tagging stuff like: sining u okay or nt? sining stay happie & smilely always sining this sining that.

my reply? so fake

yar lor. nt happie den nt happy lar. fake for wad? no one 24/7 happy go lucky one wad. but she insists on keeping her blog a place where she writes crazy stuff to keep ppl happy, most of all, convince herself that she's happy. weird amibition, but she makes an effort. i guess i suck a lot at that huh.

maybe it's because i'm trying to get someone's attention? maybe i'm trying to act pitiful & get friends on my very deserted tagboard & comfort me & stuff?

it mattered at first to me... but i didn't really care as time pass. a blog is after all a diary. to hell with ppl who define it in wadever creative way. my blog. my definitions. i will rant & piss on it & do whatever i want. like it, read it, dun like it leave. i dun like writin in private diaries & try to stash them in every nook and cranny of the house, getting suspicious of whether my mum peeks at it or whether my bro has touched it with his pig trotters.

which explains why my sis has a whole stack of diaries and i have only 1 shiny new diary with a few used pages. this is the place where i wanna be true to myself, the place where i wanan leave the craps of reality behind, and move on. *nt forgetting the nice blogskins! hugs my very nice blogskin & imagines faith getting very jealous* HEHEHE *grins*

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