Thursday, June 22, 2006

fry me in a frying pan....

ok tt was random....

exams exams....

i realised i have not really taken much photos during my entire 2 years in nyjc. sad. it means i'm going to forget everything has have happened here won't i? i mean photos tend to immortalise special moments. don't they?

i love the toilet bowl

that was random again

how many times in life have we done something random?

like talk to a stranger on e street? smiled at someone living in ur block? hugged ur brother for no rhyme or reason?

we need more random stuff, instead of going in circles. instead of following in paths already taken. we need to break out of cycles. we need to walk our own ways. we need to believe in something more.

i love pretty faces & i miss my long hair.

sometimes we stop short of telling someone that u love them. or maybe even say something as cheesy as have a great day. but these things are so rarely seen/heard now. with the reason being they are cheesy. i was sad when u said it didn't matter to u. i just wanted to slap u & tell u to be more positive. but maybe it's because i didn't know u well enough to comment on ur life. u didn't let me in, & i didn't bother to go in too.

we're so worn out. but what can we do?

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