Monday, June 05, 2006

i'm going to get fees frm my sis for helping her to advertise her blog...bahx... i'm just using it as an excuse since i've nthing to blog abt.. hohoho

Monday, June 05, 2006

commercials these days are so corny.
or maybe they have always been like that, just that i didnt realise. wow.took me a decade and a half. x)
take for eg. the milk powder commercials. cant intelligent milk powders have commercials that match their intelligence? all of them have the same tagline that go something like
'my milk formula has AA and DHA. i will make your kid a SMART kid'
then they make the words AA and DHA swirl up this diagram of a kid, from the disgestive system to the brains and gives it a BOOST. siao. and the next scene, where the kid flaunts his brains by doing some maths problem, or identifying a flower. yep. it definitely has AA, because the kid goes around attracting attention mah.
you think parents know what those abbreviations stand for? no.
AA probably sounds like batteries to them. cheater bug! any o how. i am so glad the milk formula i drank when i was a kid had better and more natural commercials. there were COWS x) haha.

heigh ho. heigh ho. and off to work we go!


this sucks.... i'm going to flunk chinese. oh wait, i already did. why the hell did i take chinese for? my chinese sucks shit so stop dreaming that ur chinese is good. dreamers go to hell

god damn it i wouldn't have failed if i hadn't written out of point for my essay. i failed by 1/2 a mark. DAMN U CHINESE

on a lighter note, i scored better for my "story" essay where i had the privilege of time. does that even sound rite? bahx
i wrote abt this 2 guys who used to friends
1 decided to pursue his dream, he didn't do well for his studies but he feels fulfilled
the other decided to enter the world of shitheads, chasing after fame power money but he feels empty

so cliche rite? but somehow i just loved it. i told u i wrote shit.. HAHAHAHAHA


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