Saturday, September 02, 2006

when commuting on a busy train...

ohhh... anyway, i heard jay & fei yu qing's song 千里之外. think it's wonderful & finally i can heard jay's real voice, nt e rapsy blurry voice tt he uses to rap most of e time.

i pity u. ur stupidity, ur ignorance, ur stubborness, ur selfishness. for that, i pity u.

Top Crimes Committed in Fairy Tales

1. Unlawful demolition of straw houses

2. Illegal consumption of grandmothers

3. Abandonment of children in the woods

4. Inter-species romance

5. Conversion of humans into amphibians without a licence

6. Offering poisoned fruit

7. Tricking little children into trading their livestock for ‘magic beans’

8. Grand Theft Pumpkin

9. Outraging the modesty of women by kissing them without their consent when they are in a magically-induced coma

10. Breaking and entering, followed by theft of porridge

11. Failure to pay musicians for pest control services

12. Employing elves without paying foreign worker levy

13. Distorting the truth and undermining confidence in the monarchy by writing a column suggesting that the Emperor has no clothes on

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