Friday, September 22, 2006

right or wrong?

after all this hoohaa abt religion, we're still tearing our hair out over whether there is a god. ppl who usually write abt religion in their blogs will have their entry flooded with comments & all this agitated debate over facts & faith, giving quotes frm a whole bunch of ppl just to prove their point.

so what? u realise tt nobody wins in e end. we'll always walk away frm debate having gained nothing but feeling more frustrated with e inability to understand & accept.

who is right to say that ur beliefs are wrong? there wasn't even a correct one to begin with.

e worse thing is tt none of us, when discussing abt our beliefs can understand what it means to respect. we get agitated when ppl question e existence of god, e bible etc because we feel that god shld nt be subjected to such an insult like questioning his existence.

and it's so funny how we shld nvr adopt a blasphemous behavior towards religion but religious followers on e other hand can label non-believers as being immoral, satanic or wadever names they feel is appopriate for us. some even call our beliefs another form of religion.

right, so we have to respect religion, but we can forget abt ppl who have other beliefs that are not similar to urs. isn't religion just another form of belief? y shld it be that beliefs which come under e category of religion can be protected from blasphemous behavior/language while e others can't? so u're saying tt i have to accept this unfair treatment? and i tot god was fair.

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