Saturday, September 16, 2006

in the arms of an angel, may u find, some comfort here...

Columbine High School massacre occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999

history repeats itself. this time in canada.

& now as ppl start pointing fingers @ every single thing they cld lay their hands on, u wonder if these ppl are too quick to make judgements & jump into conclusions when they don't know much of what happened in e first place. (just look at e overwhelming 200 plus comments pasted on his blog calling him a motherfucker o.o)

Kimveer Gill, 25 years old, Quebec

i sort of tot he was an angsty guy, he had alot of anger in his blog entries & directed most of them towards bullying & ppl who didn't understand gothic culture.
his blog profile was kinda of disturbing too. it's kinda of weird smtimes, to look at e photos & blog of smone who's just not there anymore.

however, one entry in his blog that struck me most was abt him recalling abt his crush in his high sch & wondering what she was doing now... maybe what i needed to know was he wasn't just a cold crazy psychopath bent on destroying e world or die in a hail of gunfire. maybe he was just a someone who was disappointed with e negativity of e world. maybe he was just a guy who lost his way & didn't get e help he needed before he turned e gun on others & finally himself.

Where's Waldo? I think not! Where's Barbara is the true question!!
September 04, 2006, 03:57:am

I was thinking of Barbara Borelli yesterday.

I saw her in a dream. She was just standing their smiling at me. She looked like a princess. All in white clothes, and she was just smiling, the most beautiful smile, but didn't say anything, and i just looked at her, i tryed to look at her ears to see how many piercings she had by now, but couldn't see anything other than her face. There was a bright white light shining from all over, around her body, from the ground up, from the sky down, all over, a super bright white light. I couldn't stop looking in her eyes, it almost felt like if i stopped gazing into her eyes, that i would die. For a second i thought she was trying to tell me something, I wanted to run up to her and hold her, and touch her, to see if she was real, cuz' this dream felt different than others i've had. But i couldn't move. I wanted to look down to see if there was something holding my feet and keeping me from moving, but i couldn't take my eyes off her.

It was weird. Cuz' usually I have dreams about people being murdered, hung, getting shot in the head, and stuff like that. Sometimes it's me that that stuff is happening to, and it's always dark and cold. But this was so different.

I wonder what happened to her? She was a girl that went to my high school. We hardly ever spoke, we were in like two different groups of friends, so our paths rarely crossed. She always looks so preoccupied with stuff. I liked her, guess I should have told her or something, just to let her know and stuff, not that anything would have happened, but it would'a been nice.

I wonder what she's up to? Maybe she owns her own business or something (seemed like something she'd like). It always made me smile when she went running down the halls, screaming at the top of her lungs, arms and legs flailing in every direction. Like some sort of escaped mental patient or something (I mean that in a good way). She was really sweet. (But loud) Bet if she ever stumbled upon my web page, she'd hunt me down and smack me for that. lol.

Wonder if she'd have let me call her Bar-bar if we had been friends. Bar-bar sounds nice to me. Hey! Hey Bar-bar!! Where are you? You're not under my bed, or in my basement, or dancing on the roof!!


Have fun Barb :)

e last entry tt he wrote 2 hrs before he went on a killing spree

Gill’s last post, September 13, 10.41 AM:

Whiskey in the morning, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, good !! :)

P.S. When i call people “niggah’s” in my journals . . . it doesn’t have anything to do with their skin color. I call white people niggahs too, it’s just fun. It’s all dave chappelle’s fault, ever since i started watching the chappelle show, i can’t stop calling people niggahs :(

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there were a few other interesting blog post

September 12

Stop Bullying

It’s not only the bully’s fault you know!! It’s the teachers and principals fault for turning a blind eye, just cuz it’s not their job

August 20

The police in England shot an innocent man in the head seven times. Is it a coincidence that he wasn’t white? I think not.


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