Wednesday, September 06, 2006


what constitutes of molest?
when it's a sexual assult?
or when it's done by someone u don't know?
or when e act by the other party invades ur sexual privacy?


so if this girl is damn flirtatious & doesn't mind another guy touching her all of her sudden then it's nt called molest?

we're so damn bloody obsessesed with definitions while we define define & define ourselves away while the others suffer in silence.

& the sad thing is, most females have to be victims of sexual assults because we are portrayed as "objects". objects for guys to fuck ard, flirt with & then when u're done, u dump this object & fuck with another one of those pretty little things.

how much have we done to protect ourselves frm this shit. why are we always e helpless clueless bunch. why do we have to be seen as one. why do we always behave as one.

i love porn...

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