Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i had a friend

yay yay to new blogskin. actually it's nt really new or smthing since i had echizen to help me out in manipulating e html codes of blogger's blogskin to put my nice pict in. but i'm still proud of my blogskin.

i used to have a very close fren when i was in sec 2. my table partner. we did all e crazy stuff but i guess my craziness made her very depressed too.
somehow i'll always have this guilt when i think abt her. this guilt of nt giving her back what she has given me. i guess she always deserved much more. i'm a lousy fren. i knew she loved anime & manga. i guess she loves it now too, frm her msn nicks. she even wanted to set up a website with another fren dedicated to anime. she had a great love for fan fiction too & always wanted me to read her stories & give her comments. i saved e link to her fanfiction, but i didn't manage to find e time to read it not until we drifted apart that i managed to find time to fulfil my promise. she is good. haha
maybe there were alot of things i cld have done for her. maybe i had e ability to give her more.

i guess tt's just one of my regrets in life. i've disappointed alot of ppl, i've made many more angry & every time i try to recall, it hurts alot. oh well.

maybe it's better to be alone, to nt feel like u have to live up to expectations...

i actually missed e times we had together. but i guess maybe one of e reasons we drifted apart was because we had very different personalities. i hope u're happy now. i hope u don't get stressed up easily like u used to in e past. stay happy okay?

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