Saturday, September 19, 2009


my fingers are bloodied. i dun noe why. it's dried blood.

i've been bitching alot abt ppl. e fucking girl that comes into our rm without waiting for invitation, my nie sch mates who expects me to do things for her but doesn't noe a damn thing when i need ans to simple questions, e girl who comes to our room to borrow water has recently upgraded to hoping that she can drink straight out of the jugful of water. fuck u, fuck u all.

really pls, knock on e damn door gently, and wait for ppl to open it. u dun open it and invite urself in. are u lackin in common sense or fucking morals?

i dun noe. that fact that my rmmate is ok with all these that's happening is making me sound even more like a bitch. i hate ppl who take me for granted. i hate ppl who are superficial. i hate ppl who think that because we are friends or neighbours, i have a responsibility to look after ur damn welfare.

i am either paranoid again, or they're just simply making use of me.

maybe it's e sense my privacy is being invaded, constantly by ppl i dun really want to see that's contributing to my increased output of bitching and bad temper. i already spend e whole day at sch with a mask on. when i'm in my room, i really need a break from this world.

i may be loud, i may be hysterical, i may be crazy. u can nvr imagine me as being quiet. that's because i dun show it to u. give me some respect and privacy pls.

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echizen said...

You should do this to the stupid water girl!