Friday, September 04, 2009

dear god

dear god

i wish to be more forgiving to those who make fun of, mock, give snide comments of my beliefs just because they think they are of a certain religion and think they're more superior than others. in fact, they're more concerned about heaven and hell than they are concerned about living the moment.

i also wish to be more forgiving to those who don't understand and are unable to accept the presence of other religions or beliefs.

last of all, i hope that ur kind will stop mocking us, making fun of my beliefs just only because i believe that there is really nothing up there except of air, water vapour and space.

fuck u, stop calling me a atheist and have a nice day


* no, it is not funny that atheist rhymes with other words. u're stupid if u think that a joke can still be funny after repeating it ten times.


hui said...

oh no. i pissed minmin off.

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