Friday, September 11, 2009

cut urself and everything will be ok.

y is it that we can be so easily angrily with others yet be so forgiving towards ourselves

first there is nothing, than the line becomes slightly pink before it starts turning red.
blood. draw blood. bleed blood.

we cut ourselves for a multitude of reasons. pain is e most common and accepted reason. i want to run from e pain. i am fucking weak. no one likes me. i am useless. i am clumsy.

some just like apologies, not because they are truly sorry. but because they hate e feeling of guilt nipping at their conscience. they seek for forgiveness because they don't want to burden themselves with emotions that make them feel lousy. change is never on their mind. they see nothing wrong with themselves.
smtimes, i wonder if that's e reason she went back to christianity again. i mean y not. god loves u. that's e line u've always wanted to hear from ur frens & family all e time but none refuse to say to u, because u always feel that their love is not whole. even if they gave it to u, u always wanted more. god, to u, is someone who can give u everything that u frens or familys can't.

e reasons are just so wrong.

that is what i see in u. always. u nvr change. u're just afraid tt ppl dun love u. u've nvr thought of why.

that's y i told myself, if u ever were to die one day out of self pity, i will not cry for u. i will not feel guilt. if anything, i've loved u as a friend & am thankful for e times we had together. we are all passing shadows to the ppl we meet in our lives and u will just be a fading shadow too..


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