Monday, September 21, 2009

My dreams

i think i'm pretty inspired after listening to a talk about making ur dreams ur reality. even though that talk was focused more on entrepreneurship. i can nvm set up a succesful business.. not yet.

if anything, backpacking around europe, 5 countries in 2 months was a like a dream come true and with it, the world basically opened up itself to me, the endless possibilities on this huge planet and also the places i could go should i just fail to make it in singapore. i mean, singapore is a fucking lousy place to die in.

so here goes...

At age 21, 21st September 2009, Simin wishes to
1. Backpack in every place possible, EXCEPT singapore
2. Sky dive
3. go places with a 4 wheel vehicle
4. Send my fucking greedy mother to Europe again if possible
5. get a car
6. die without a cent in her pocket. if possible, to spend my last moments sky diving.

so here's to u singapore. u're just stifling me with ur hdb blocks.

lol angsty.

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Anonymous said...

sounds damn FRIGGING good! muacks my lovee!