Saturday, September 12, 2009

confessions of a 难民营

recently our room has become a make shift pantry for ppl who come in to borrow things, refill their bottles or expect me and my rmmate entertain them.

initially it's funny, but after a while it's not.

i think there's no pt in being nice, really. because they are only concerned about how convenient it is to bring in two big bottles, stay at the door and say " i come in and steal ur water hor" and den fill up almost all e water u've boiled for e day.

nevermind the fact that she said she'd steal. i mean i dun mind u drinking up, but hellow??? could u at least refill my damn jug and boil some water for me so that i can drink as well? u think wad? i bought e jug so that i can boil e damn water for u until e pantry is built arh, which is like NXT FUCKING YR?

hello??? if u wanna drink fresh boiled water, and u noe u're gonna borrow from us almost every other day, USE UR UNDERGRADUATE BRAINS AND BUY A NEW BOILER OR SMTHING.

& to do DODO BIRD who comes into our room every friggin nite, knocks on e door so softly that no one can hear & den opens e damn door to invite herself in. HARLOW AH, U NVR HEARD BEFORE OF E PHRASE A CONSTANT GUEST IS NVR WELCOMED?? U THINK WAD, WE TALK VERY FUNNY SO U COME HERE WATCH SHOW ARH! tcs watch channel 8 also need to pay money, u watch us u better pay me some farking money hor.

and to e idiot who tried to borrow our damn induction cooker twice and thought that u'll get it together with a complimentary set of pots, pans and cutlery, get ur own cooker if u noe u're gonna get hungry at night.


& my roommate things gd things must be shared. WTH LOR. more like gd ppl tend to be made used of and treated like stupid idiots who provide for others. we're not some welfare retirement home or a makeshift WWII refugee camp. WE ARE NOT UR FUCKING GOD EITHER. GET A LIFE.

so in e end, i have to say that my roomie has a very big heart and i have a very small and weak heart that is allergic to all e dodo bird running in and out of our room.


why e ppl now a days so buay zhi dong one.

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Faith said...

i LOVE your recent entries!