Saturday, March 22, 2008

verbal diarrhoea

i woke up at 11am and got scalded by the water that was boiled 2 years ago.

sounds funny huh.

i think it sounds funny too.

and guess what, e nie thing, i'm really nt looking forward to it after all because someone made me promise to call her once i step into a nie campus. no way i'm gonna do tt. but den again. a promise is a promise. so i shall flip e coin to decide. LOL. heads to not call her. tails to not call her too. XD

oddly, it's e uncertainties that are killing me. my workload is increasing since the exams (not mine, e kids) are coming but everything is just so magnified by all that unknown crap crashing down on me. uni crap, "friends" delicate relationship crap, all tt big hoohaa crap, all that i'm nt supposed to have said tt but since it's done it's done crap

and honestly, i've done alot of reflection since what happened 2 yrs ago and i've always told myself that if karma shld come back and bite me for gossiping (which in actual fact, i still find tt there's nthing wrong) den all i had to do is be a little rabbit, fart at stupid karma in e face and hop away again.

and a little note to e love of my life. thank u for being there :)

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