Sunday, March 30, 2008


when u have flu, u take panadol, u have cough u take e cough syrup.
but when u have depression wad do u take? pills to numb urself? pills to make urself happy?

depression is cause by our inability to cope with changes, with mounting stress. the inability for us to appropriately seek for help and to vent our frustrations the correct way. depression leads to us being attention seeking at times, but most of e time we just clam up, hoping the world will notice us in some way but when asked wad's wrong, we just simply say, nthing, i'm just tired, or nthing. den we continue to shut up.

depression is like rolling down a spiral staircase, u cannot hold on to anything to stop u, the further u go, the more in pain u are. it's like u're paralyzed, u cannot think, u don't know how to comfort urself, u don't know how to control ur emotions, most of the time, u wld feel that u've screwed up either urself or somebody else's day when in actual fact it's really nt such a big deal. u wld feel like a lousy friend. u wld feel like no one bothers to care, u wld start thinking abt alot of things that doesn't really make sense. when all these are not true.

for 3 days in a row, i've felt on the verge of tears, for nthing, or even e simplest of things. and it's nt pms because i just had my fucking mensus. fuck it man. just fuck. damn u.

i'm just finding a way to save myself. that's all.... it's so painful to go through this again.

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