Friday, March 28, 2008


congratulations to myself

i've officially entered the first stage of depression where i can't eat, can't sleep properly, am almost at the brink of tears every 1 hr since yesterday and can't wait to get myself knocked down by a car when i cross the road.

and if u think i'm seeking for attention thru this blog, i guess that's wad all depressed ppl do.

and if u think i'm wallowing in self pity, that's what all depressed ppl do as well.

the good thing is i haven started doing really stupid stuff yet so i'm still alive.

and i really hope this phase will pass soon.

i tot e first step to saving urself is to acknowledge that u're depressed. so now i acknowledge. what now?



Anonymous said...

now you kill yourself. haha. kidding!!! well, it's good to let it out. really. now you keep writing and keep talking about it to people who love you, like moi, wahah, until you understand exactly what it is that is making you depressed. theres a reason behind it, and its not going to go away. and i believe its something you've probably been running away from or trying not to think about at all- but i don't know what- you tell me. what's making you so afraid and sad? life sucks, but there are good bits to it so we should just enjoy the sucking. oral sex! LOL. i think its just been a very very tough time for you, what with assholes with big fat mouths and assholes too scaredy cat to reveal their identities and this shitified working environment, and, well, you need to make some time for yourself darling. you need a little quiet space, and some private time, to masturbate. i mean, to close your eyes, and breathe, deeply, and just relax la. go watch porn or something. eat ice cream! or should we go eat chocolate again? HEHEHE.

oh and check this out:

i love you,

qt said...

the both of u are gross! talking about sex in broad daylight?!?!?! and HERE?!?!?OMG. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. cya soon ppl!!!! LOVE YA!!! include me for a threesome! :)