Saturday, March 22, 2008

to anon, it's time we settled this

thank u again for dropping by my blog. it's always so lively to have u around. it's so like u real life where u have to start a big commotion everywhere u go. i have no respect for sneaky ppl like u.

i already know who u are. if u hate me that much, den dun pretend to be so nice in front of my face and tell me to do little favours for u.

fine if u hate me cus i have my fair share of fair-weathered friends and those whom i know will stand beside me. i can't expect myself to be likable and to be accepted by everyone.

i also apologise if my previous action of boiling the water has hurt u. i do nt do this to ease my guilt nor do i do these to push away my responsibilities. i've said what i've said, done what i've done and i will be fully responsible for it.

everyone has 2 faces to the people they don't like. me included, and i don't deny it. i can swear that i've never backstabbed anyone knowingly to cause someone hurt. i am human, i love, i hate and i regret that my dislike of u was made known to u.

email me my dear anonymous, if u feel that there's a need to clarify misunderstandings, spew me with vulgarities or to demand that i apologise formally. i will try my best to ease ur pain as a result of my irresponsibility, childishness or hypocrisy towards you.

if it makes u feel better seeking revenge on my blog, den go ahead. i will not hide my blog, i will nt go "underground". i will continue to blog abt what i want to blog & say what i want to say.

i've already told u i'm willing to apologise and i'm sincere. but i have no intention to beg u to forgive me if u're no better in personality as compared to me.

take it or leave it.


Anonymous said...

ok, i rly think yu've mistook me for someone else. maybe my typing style is similar to tis other person but i dun tink typing style is a good indicator of identity. i seldom comment on yur blog in the 1st place. n i definately nv ask yu to do any favor for me before. so there.

no matter yu believe it or not, i rly wasn't trying to be hostile la. yur prev entry kinda sounded as if yu were trying to push the blame to some other person (5th para). if i'm wrong to assume tis then i apologize. anyway i just wanna provide a lil perspective even tho yu probably thought i dunno enuff abt the whole thing to judge. i just thot tt yu r essentially responsible cuz yu also had a part in boiling the water in the first place lor (at least tts wad i assume frm the 1st para).

i dun haf any personal grudge against yu la. dun be so sensitive

양사민 estelwen said...

whao u sure are one psychotic person, taking so much effort to type comments on my blog. have fun psychoanalyzing people. really. i'm honoured to have u visit my lovely blog. do come back soon.

Anonymous said...

LOL. riiiiggghttt.


ur fiance said...

cb i love ur tone. XD

Anonymous said...

Even after someone took the effort to explain. This is why you have no friends.

Faith said...
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Faith said...

Look, anonymous, you really have to ask yourself how much right you have to criticize other people. You claim you want to "provide a lil perspective", but no one asked for your perspective. That being said, you do have the free will to say and do whatever you want, but it's impact and effect is beyond your control. And frankly, your perspective is skewed. For your information, she does have a lot of friends. The fact that you can even make such a baseless assumption questions the authenticity and credibility of your so-called "perspective". It is even more sad that you have to hide under a disguise. Are there not many other more important things to do than to sneak around and leave random senseless comments on the blogs of others?

chee said...

If she has no friends, then who are we?

Miao said...

Actually I suspect the two anonymous commentors are different people... >_<

양사민 estelwen said...

what they have in common is their cowardice. i'm so sick of them hiding behind anonymity and pretending to be morally upright ppl giving others advice or perspectives and they expect ppl to worship e ground they walk on.. if anything, they're just worse then the people they're criticizing & hypocrites. and i can't be bothered.

guess wad? screw u and ur moral high ground "advice".i dun need u to tell me if i have friends or not, i dun need u to tell me if i deserved to be scalded by the boiling water i boiled. so what if u knew what happened, so what if u don't, it doesn't make a difference. i didn't need ur comments, i didn't need ur dirty and bimbotic little perspectives.

analyzise all u want anon, because u're e only one who thinks u're good enough to comment on people but everyone here (meaning my frens) thinks u really need to do some self reflecting before u start sticking ur nose into somewhere u don't belong.

as i've said before, i'm open to my friends' criticism, i am willing to change but u've proven urself to be neither a friend nor a decent human being.

i've been very patient with u prying into my affairs and criticzing me but guess what, i'm human and really, enough is enough.
to put it bluntly, u're nt welcomed. fuck off before things get really unpleasant between u and me and it will DEFINIITELY become a personal grudge.