Wednesday, February 28, 2007

whine whine whine

my recent entries wld appear to you as if my mental capabilities have dropped, or maybe it has in fact deteriorated (consider e ppl i deal with everyday are of p2 or less IQ. ) i have been in fact, ranting, fan girling, ranting again, & whining. but i guess that's how i've been getting thru with life. u can't bitch abt ppl @ ur workplace as much as u want to to avoid office politics. u can't just whine abt policies because ur boss might have set up bugs anywhere in e office. so basically, my mouth is shut abt ppl & policies so e thing i do all day is bimbotic ranting & keeping to my own corner most of e time.

some ppl have taken e pleasure of whining to me abt A lvls. how come u're nt nervous? *whines* how can u nt be nervous? *whines again* are u sure u're nt freaked out? it's ur As!! *whines like shit again*
ah duh! who's nt nervous, it's just tt i dun whine abt it as much as u do. who e fuck who takes A lvls, spending 2 yrs studying like shit for it and a few more mths worrying abt it nt be nervous?
for fucks sake i am human, i have my own set of fears and paranoia so if i avoid talking abt it to u, isn't if obvious tt i'm sick of ur fucking presence. i can't stand u whining abt nt eating lunch together just because i'm nt in e mood to eat. i can't stand u whining to me to go to meetings together just because i'm tired & i need my own space. i can't stand u whining for me to wait for u if u are damn slow. FUCK U. good thing now someone is here to replace my place for u to whine to so go fuck off u ava piece of shit.

oh pardon me, i'm supposed to write smthing intellectual *snorts*

i really don't mind if it's my close friend telling their fears, or even just being naggy abt how afraid they are of things that will come, but if i don't know u tt well, don't act as if i've known u forever because i don't. believe or nt, A lvls results will be released whether we want it or nt & i'm just hoping against hope tt i'll do well even though i have every reason to believe i've screwed up my papers badly. i am, in case u didn't know, highly paranoid so i'm just trying nt to be worried abt things tt are already final. so guys, have fun, relaxs & enjoy life while u can. don't waste life worrying abt things tt will come. XD
take care & see u guys on fri!


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