Thursday, February 22, 2007

surprise surprise

so what if you told me you're nt

my response wld still be e same i guess. there's only so much i can do, so much i'm willing to do. no one can go out all e way, nvr in terms of money, nvr in terms of life, nvr in terms of energy and effort.

we nvr live for other ppl, we always live for our own.

everyday we will ask e same questions, how are u feeling? how are u coping?

sometimes i wonder which is worse, losing both ur parents, or having both ur parents around but no different frm leeches, unable to support ur child emotionally, bleeding them to death by borrowing money frm them to satisfy ur own childish games, by depending on them to give u love but nvr the other way round.

we always tot that parents were e smartasses, that parents were e pillars of support for a child, but we were wrong, parents were nvr different frm children, they nvr moved on...

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