Wednesday, February 28, 2007

now i've found my place in heaven by ur side

it is only after coming close to death tt i've begin to think abt heaven in another point of view. nt exactly heaven but rather life after death. thurs funeral just before e CNY was e first funeral i've attended. e void deck was just empty & lifeless, with e child sitting at a corner, eyes swollen frm crying, hands stained red by e paint from folding indigots. her aunt with thick spectacles sittin nxt to her, feeling as lost as e child as to what to do with a 8 yr old child whom u've nvvr brought up and has no plans of bringing up. everything is so sudden, she kept repeating it, with a tinge of sadness & mostly just frm e fear of e unknown.

everyone just kept saying tt she's a poor child, losing both her parents @ such a young age. her mother just passed away last year, they kept saying, like to emphasis on e child being pitiful. e dad was going to remarry this year, e child was smiling so happily when she told me abt her new mother, added another teacher.

so what, after all has been said, no one cld help much, even me. her friends mother lamented on e child's lost, but nvr once offered to help, in any way tt i knew. e teachers smiled sadly @ e child when they saw her, but tt was all that they did, to smile & think to themselves tt e child is pitiful. i even had this crazy idea of letting e child stay @ my hse so tt she didn't have to change sch & can at least study in a environment she's familiar with. but thoughts being thoughts are useless.


Miao said...

Hmmm. Maybe the other teachers should stop smiling at her with sad expressions on their faces. Why not give her a bright, beaming smile, to let her know that she is loved, and not pitied.

echizen said...

I think sometimes, even adults also don't know what they can do to help in these situations, so don't be so hard on the other teachers la. I mean, srsly, what can they do? Like you said, they can't possibly put the child up in their homes. The only way I can think of to help is maybe counselling and financial aid, so that the kid can at least still get a good education. Other than that, there's really not much else. There's just no substitution for family and family love.

(but ya, that EFB should just kiss ass and eat some more shit)