Monday, February 12, 2007


how much can religion change a person? and how much can a person depend on religion alone?

u have changed. or maybe i tot i knew someone who happened to put up a spectacular facade of calm, maturity & capability. ur tangled web of relationships, e thin line u balance urself on, playing with fire & knowing sooner of later u'll get burnt...

yet who knows what emotions can do to us, the crazy feelings of falling head over heels with another. u suddenly loose control & u spiral out of e path that u have laid down for urself, riding on a roller coaster of emotions, enjoying it yet knowing e dangers that will come after it.

i rmbered someone mentioned in her blog abt having ctrl, abt humans wanting to have ctrl. but isn't that e only thing that makes us different frm e animals tt have evolved with us since prehistoric times. an animal of a high intellect is one who can ctrl, one who can think of others before self, one who knows full well e emotions running thru u, making sure tt u manipulate them to ur own need. we are a balance of things, things tt make us human, things tt make us do what we do. we manipulate, every single second of our lives, our emotions, our thoughts our dreams, our fears, for others, and most imptly ourselves.

because somewhere down there we all know, what it feels like when things goes out of ctrl, maybe u know much more than me what it feels like to have nthing in ur own hands, but an empty shell, void of emotions, thoughts, possesed by e darkness with no hopes, dreams nor faith. blood.

u were no different frm an animal...


what's e point of holding on to a relationship when u know tt either one of u will get hurt. what is e strength tt keeps u holding on... what is burning inside u tt u just have to toy & play around with ppl. mutual it may be, yet someday, i feel tt both of u will regret it.

when did it come to me to make judgements.

silence is beauty....

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