Monday, February 05, 2007

ms yeo e great

i lost my namelist with my student's marks

my student said he passed me his file but apparently i can't find it

i lost my namelist with my student's assignments

i cannot keep their 29 files in order because they don't know how to file, don't know how to hand in assignments on time, don't know how to think.

soon, i'll be ruining e future of 29 kids.

i'm such a great teacher.


chee said...

dont worry dear, create your own filing list and print for everyone and when they hand in the files with all their marked assignments u find a new namelist and record the marks u lost again lor. as for losing your students file, well, DENY AT ALL COSTS muahahahaha... *evil laughter continues*

echizen said...

Hahaha, I support the suggestion, deny at all costs! Learn from all the great teachers at ****! :D