Thursday, February 22, 2007

pain in e ass

like sch life is nt enough for me, parents always have to add on to e load. u don't need a dozen of them, 1 irritating one is enough to make ur day a fucking ray of sunshine.

here's what happened
my student's father passed away on cny eve. her mum has already passed away last year frm cancer.
due to e sudden nature of his death in e morning, e child, who was alone at home at e point of time called her good friend to ask for help. e mother (aka EFB aka effing bitch) intercepted e phone call and was thus informed of e death. she than kindly called me to inform me abt it and requested that i confirm it with her again. fine, i did.

2 hrs later, she msges me again to ask me:" i still can't believe that this is happening, is it true that the child's parent is dead? "

pt no 1.
he's dead, move on for god's sake! i have a child on my hands whom i need to help, u are an adult so can u try to accept e fact and leave e teacher alone. we're not tt free to ans sms tht are stupid so stop trying to act sentimental or traumatized. i'm not a damn bloody counseller.

if tt's nt enough, today, EFB strikes again. this time, she msges me this:" hi ms yeo, saw e child yest, nt as chatty as last time. as a mother, it pained my heart to think abt her."

pt no 2
what is ur fucking pt? all these ridiculous smses are getting on my nerves. i don't know u very well. i know that e child is pitiful but for god's sake if u wanna talk so much, then do smthing to help e child, dun act like goddness of mercy telling u pity e child and blahx. it's really nt my business and i am really nt oblidged to ans ur stupid smses.

me being polite msges her back:" she's a strong girl."

EFB:" i know she is but my heart still ache 4 her recent loss!"

so great, this parent is a bitch, a big fat bitch and a god damn it drama mama who's going to cling onto me until i'm out of e sch. she's such a pain in e ass.


Miao said...

She reminds me of CYL. *shudder*

estelwen said...

haha! i have an affinity with cyl ppl