Thursday, September 22, 2005

things i hope would happen to me
1. get knocked down by a car
2. walk to the middle of the road & hope someone knocks me down
2. get food poisoning, excrete & vomit, faint & die
3. drop dead in the middle of nowhere & die of exhaustion
4. go to the construction site opposite my house & say fuck u u assholes & dogs of the govt & fling myself to death
5. if none of the above works, then i shall stand at the top of the highest building and fly....

isn't it romantic? i dun care if it gives u suicidal thoughts... i dun care who reads this. it's my blog, my life, don't like it? fuck off...
life is not better... life is lard...haha...i realised recently it didn't matter to me whether i left a legacy behind if i leaped to my death. it didn't matter to me anymore if my friends wouldn't miss me. nothing matters. i am all alone.... u come to this world alone, u die alone as well...
see ppl who kill themselves, they get forgotten after a while. the pain subsides, then u become a memory...
for ppl who think that killing themselves will make ur friends notice ur presence, or to get attention, u are so fucking dumb. cus why? ppl nowadays tend to forget easily so forget ur stupid plan
i realised now i dun even bother to seek attention.. isn't it cool? i've manage not to act weird & stupid... now i am truly normal
so now... let me fly!!

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