Saturday, September 10, 2005

current status...: munching on leftovers, noodles! using the laptop, listening to my very first CD, westlife, doing anything that is illegal, to hell with the government and their laws

haha... yes yes i am very rich... bleahx.. money means much more to my parents apparently... nvm... i'm crapping... it's this never ending cycle. like the chicken and egg question. which comes first? money or family? would money buy u the happiness of a family? or wld u be much happier w.o this crused creation of mankind. dun tell me that money can't buy u the happiness of a family... i think tt's a whole lot of bullshit in my case.

realised tt i haven been watching a tcs made tv seriel as well. why? because it's so damn cliche. the nice ppl get married & live happy ever after. oh yar, haven been catching up on the news recently? or havent watch our dear prime minister puke crap on the naional day rally? dun worry cus these tc seriels will start belting out the policies of the govt, saying they have grants and benefits and blah blah blah substantiated by a whole lot of "i am obviously promoting the policy" figures. and.. if u didn't realise, the producers seem to be ending the tv seriels with er.. hum... the character acted by chen liping going bed with her character's husband..hehe... i didn't know chen liping look like a sex manic..

yes this is a warning to all who believe that everything that happens on tvs happens in real doesn't. it's a exaggeration, it's a dream, of what picture the producer wants to paint, not what happens in real life...

i shall meanwhile, suffer the consequences of the idiot who even tot up of this word "education"

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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