Thursday, August 25, 2005

bad "hangover"
head hurts like hell.. hmwrk undone... pe and blood donation tml
my other "brother" msged me today... said we haven't talked in a while and asked me what i was doing.... oh well... rarely think of him now... can't be bothered... it's a matter of taste & preference.... u became a part of my memories, good or bad, i prefer to leave it to just that.. i've been working hard at moving forward that i simply thought u weren't my friend anymore...
lots of things in my mind... oh which i have to discard 90% of it and keep the rest empty for the coming exams....
saw faith's quote in siti's blog.... hmm... love...
what does love mean to me..
u know u love the person when she cries, her eyes hurt, ur heart hurts
u know u love the person when u just want her to be happy
u know u love the person when seeing her just makes you smile
u know u love the person when u can just talk to her abt anything and everything and u still don't feel like u've talked enough

sometimes a simple wish of just wanting you to be happy seems like i'm asking for too much....
u taught me to laugh, u taught me to feel
i see another side of me of me when i'm with you
u taught me to let go....
now i've learnt it, am i letting you go as well?

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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