Monday, May 23, 2005

let's see

1) Cut and paste this meme onto your blog.
2) Bold whatever is true of you.

I can decently speak more than three languages (dialect counts as one!).
I can speak my dialect.
I live with my grandparents.
I've never cross-dressed before.
I personally know someone who died/was hospitalised of SARS.
I had SARS.
I don't know how to play mahjong.
I don't know how to play Blackjack.
I can decently play more than three instruments (and no, the recorder is not).
I have spent more than $200 on an item before.

My preferences:
I do not hate pink.
I usually support the bad guys.
I wish I could change my gender.
Japanese cars over continental cars.
Channel U over Channel 8.
Today over Straits Times.
Kino over Borders.
Film fests over Hollywood.

My sch life:
I hate RI.
I think pai kias are cool.
I passionately love an academic subject (I'm a nerd in disguise!).
I was not from the Express stream.
I took Higher mother tongue.
I was never a class rep/comm member/prefect.
I have had more than 3 CCAs at one time.
I did things just for CCA points.
I got 10 points or less for my L1R5.
I never pon class before.
I never got booked before.
I was the teacher's pet.
I loved my school library.
I think inter-fac/house events are a waste of time.
I liked/like social studies.
For primary school, I prefer to be in a single-sex school.
For secondary school, I prefer to be in a single-sex school.
I had/have a crush on a teacher.

My leisure time:
I have never gone clubbing before.
I have never watched a Korean drama before.
I've watched 15 before.
I am a fan of one or more local bands.
I love J-rock.
Screw the Oscars.
I confess. I like some of Britney Spears's songs.
My favourite hangout is Orchard.
I have travelled to all continents.
I prefer Sly over Taufik.

My political leanings:
I support the PAP.
I think we should have the casino.
If I had the chance, I want to join the government.
And as the opposition.
I think the government should legalise firearms.
I hope that one of LKY's grandchildren does not become our prime minister.
I believe that we should have complete freedom of speech.
I'm anti-Mahathir.
I'm anti-Bush.
I did not support the Iraqi War.
I seriously believe that Singapore and Malaysia should again consider merger in the future.

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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