Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Galadriel: "I amar prestar aen. Han mathon ne nen. Han mathon ne chae. A han noston ne 'wilith. "
Translation: "The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air."

Arwen: "Frodo, im Arwen. Telin le thaed. Lasto beth nin, tolo dan na ngalad."
Translation: "Frodo, I am Arwen. I've come to help you. Hear my voice, come back to the light."

Arwen: "A si i-Dhuath u-orthor, Aragorn. U or le a u or nin."
Translation: "The shadow does not hold sway yet, Aragorn. Not over you, and not over me."

Arwen: "Renich i lu erui govannem?"
Aragorn: "Nauthannen i ned ol reniannen."
Arwen: "Gwennin in enninath. U-arnach in naeth i si calech. Renich i beth i pennen?"

Arwen: "Do you remember the time when we first met?"
Aragorn: "I thought I had strayed into a dream."
Arwen: "Long years have passed. You did not have the cares you carry now. "Do you remember the word I told you?"

O mor henion i dhu:Ely siriar el silaAi! Aniron UndomielTiro! El eria e mor.I lir en el luitha uren.Ai! Aniron...

Translation: From darkness I understand the night:dreams flow, a star shinesAh! I desire EvenstarLook! A star rises out of the darkness.The song of the star enchants my heart.Ah! I desire...

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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