Wednesday, May 25, 2005

gt this frm my sis blog... man u rock sister power! haha! stya crazy always!

recently, the yeos have gone nuts.maybe the drinks got contaminated.hmmm..let's check it out.

case study 1:
crazy nut miss yeo she's gone crazy.laughing like nobody's business during chem.nobody got business only casino have.hehes.this is what she says:meano peano.bahhs.i thought i had enuff of thinking liao.then she sent another atomic bomb.that makes it two atomic bombs.history repeats itself huh.bleahs.whines* lousy nut.see must go through the trauma m so scared.hah like real.poooo.nvm lah.see how lor...somebody play music.. que sera sera whatever will be will be..huh.. what's she toking abt.there she goes again.crapping like nobody's i said.nobody has got business.. only the casino.

case study 2:
mr yeo..i got nut-ing to saythis boy has gone crazy too.he's got a pet mouse.according to miss yeo.the boy was seen walking round the house pulling the wire of the computer mouse thinking that it is his pet mouse.apparently.he has abandoned his mouse near the fish tank.
the reason being: the mouse was thirsty.

he's got a new pet.a pet bee.the one u see flying ard after not rainbow is BEE.rainbee perhaps...he has specially chosen a high class enclosure for his pet bee- a 500 ml ice mt is escape- has no ventilation holes.the pet bee died today.a funeral attended only by mr yeo was held immediately.according to mr yeo he has buried the rainbee in his sister's potted plant. crazy nut.nut is an all time favourite snack.he should be sent to the casino as a snack.hahs.

bio test in 13 hours.

i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.didilydidily.
~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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