Tuesday, March 08, 2011

maybe i am

my mum called the GP to ask for advice

she said that i shld visit IMH in situations like this

i could sense a denial in her voice, maybe a little disappointment

i don't know. i'm not sure. i guess i never was the one to bring her pride.

she asked me to find a faith that i cld believe in. someone to confide in when i'm lost. she said my atheistic beliefs might be driving me mad. she said i shld start praying. she asked me if it was because she wasn't showing me enough attention. she asks me if i've been cutting myself again.

maybe she can't accept the fact tt her daughter might be another eehui

i'm hurt.

i wish i never told her.

no one looks at u the same after u tell them that. they either start to treat u different or they think u are too emo for their own good.

they don't understand that i can't cry. i pent up all my emotions inside cus i don't cry. and i don't know how to get rid of the pain tt's inside me.

maybe i really am crazy.

i'm just another failed product.

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