Sunday, March 06, 2011

dear darling sis

u noe wad's e problem with u. u never spend enought time at home.

when things happen at home. u simply dismiss it n say it's not a big deal

for u yeah duh.

for ur mum it's not.

u never understood ur mum well enuff.

wad u were good at saying, is that i'm like my mother. i behave like her. fuck u really.

u're always busy in sch, i'm nt.

so tt's wad i did, i learnt from u, i'm ran away from home too, i don't wanna stay at home. like u.

n now this to u it's just another incident.

maybe that's why u can consel ppl. u care abt everyone, u haf time for everyone. except for ur damned family.

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