Wednesday, March 02, 2011

anddddd march!

it’s e 2nd day of march

i noe it’s no biggie

for most ppl.

it’s just another month.

march is the third month of e year. i like the number 3. my bro’s bday is on march.

the month of march hasn’t always been kind to me, maybe cus it’s e month of my bday so i tend to hope that maybe special things will happend.*naive* /shot

well it does, but usually it’s really smthing “special”

1. i got my funtastic A level results in march, few days ahead of my bday.

2. someone told me some mind blasting news n i cried for days on end, just a few days ahead of my bday too.

maybe life’s just trying to tell me that things happened. whether it’s ur bday month or nt. suck it up. i guess that’s life. teaching me really hard lessons. anything can happen, life still goes on.

life is an awesome teacher.

but still i hope that this month will be a good month. admists the madness that i’m facing now, i really really want a very very good march. just for myself. for once, my selfish self. pretty pls?

oh well c min it is.

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