Monday, March 07, 2011


it was in sec 2

i don't know how it started

maybe it was the lesbianism thing started by the britney spears song

maybe it was the bad headache that wouldnt go away

maybe it was just me.

i found out that i could fake illness if i wished hard enough

i faked asthmas, made my breathing irregular so that i had cold sweats and my face will turn horribly pale.

i slept in class. i did crazy things. i slammed files in teachers' faces

maybe some part of me wanted you beside me




no wait. i wanted more than that.

and i did really horrible things

just to make sure u noticed my pain.

i wasn't happy until everyone around me was upset and worried about me. i made sure of that.

the world had to circle around me.

and u are a stark reminder of who i was
(and most probably will be shld i forgot again)

maybe there's a reason y u're around.

maybe there's a reason y we r in NIE despite u doing better than me

maybe i still have alot more to learn from being with you

a reminder for me not to be that horrible and selfish person i was

to be someone better.

n i guess i'm nt making sense.

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