Wednesday, April 04, 2007

rah rah rasputin

i don't noe why, but i've always look to rah rah ppl as e ideal stage of the development of humanity.
they're always so sun-shiney, always so ready to take on challenges, always on e verge of something new, funny.

i'm nt saying tt i see them as perfect beings, but rather ppl who are always e most willing to live their life, ppl who have e courage to go beyond boundaries, ppl who see joy in everything, ppl who have alot of hope in life. maybe they've embodied e spirit of a child, innocence, courage for e unknown, no fear for failure. they are what life shld be abt.

somehow my energy doesn't keep up with me, my ideologies doesn't fit in as well as theirs. maybe these are e ppl whom i long to be, but yet am unable to be. maybe i hate myself alot, maybe i just want to be someone i'm nt. i'm a cynic. in case u forgot.


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