Sunday, April 15, 2007

15 hr marathon in front of e comp = freedom

i woke up @ 10am, and sat my fat ass down in front of my long lost computer & played like there was no govt and ended e marathon @ ard 2.45am.

i cldn't be happier. in fact, i haven't been so happy in my whole entire wk. no kids (i silenced their phonecalls), no stupid policies tt are based on dayreams & naive fantasies, no paper wrk, no marking of silly assignments tt doesn't come in on time (thanks to e policies as well)

if fact, i realise tt if i continue to do weird things like giving hmwork to kids or bring them to e playgrd under e sweltering heat, i'll screw up my job soon. very very soon. btw, e younger a kid is, e easier it is to recruit them for slavery. like carrying bks, carrying my bag, singing a song for me or wad have u. i love slaves.

i'm nt e one who'll go all out to do social work, because i'm too lazy, i feel pissed tt ppl at e upper rungs of e society receive astronomical sums of wages & do crap while we're slogging out here hoping to make ends meet. and yet my friend loves to help out in all types of social work because she feels tt studying alone will restrict her. all righty. talking abt differences in mentality.

i think i shld just get married to a computer. tt way, i'll be happy. live happy, die happy.

*btw, i did 2 designs for a blog for some upcoming project. pls tell me which one u prefer? or wad changes can be made? thanks lots babes.

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