Wednesday, April 11, 2007

dear all....

hey guys i noe this is abit late but a big


to all who have made my transition from a spoilt 18 yr old brat to a spoilt 19 yr old brat wonderful.

many thanks to
1. e S5C grp, specifically miao, CHEE-CHEE!!, MRS VANESSE WU, hsianggay, soo-soo, wenxin
for e wonderful nite out & also for e wonderful card & e lovely book on how to trick & abuse little kids

2. to my dear echizen for betrothing narimiya hiroki to me on my 19th birthday. so er hum, i'm now married (yes regarding kim jung hoon, it was just a.... one night stand) thank u so much for being there for me always. as in always! lol. love u baby

3. to my 2 seniors who suddenly emailed me a e-card out of e blue. i really really thank u for that wonderful surprised, it's so great to be rmbered.

4. to my wonderful penpal whom i've been unable to contact thru email or her blog, thank u so much for ur letter. i better reply u by snail mail soon o.o

5. to e lovely weilian and faith, thank u for msging me on e dawn of 31st march. really appreciate it. and also i love e kawaii cushions alot!! lol, i'm hugging it rite now.

6. to my dearest PRC friends, thank u for e lovely meal on april fool's day, kaleidescope, e starwberry cake, e wonderful perfume and e great time we spent.

7. to e lovely ppl who took time off to send me a special sms on my special day, ee hui, my gor, shihui, tom tom, jane tong, shiming. many thanks!

8. to e wonderful backrow who bought me my first bag. lol, isit a bag? i don't now wad is tt but i love u all. honestly! lol. muacks and kisses

9. to e lovely twins who brought me a bag of sweets and accessories, thank u for e special delivery! XD i love e sexy earrings.

10. to ms goh, whom now my kids have come to assume is my sister, hahaha, thank u so much for e wonderful note & gift. it's always great to have u ard, life wld have been so boring w.o u, baby.

11. to my dearest angie, who walked all e way frm her hse in potong pasir to mine to pay me a visit & drop me ur present. i love u! LOTS! LOL.

to all those who've been with me, thank u so much for making e day before april fools day truly special. u make my day. hope i haven't missed out anyone.
take care...

(i feel loved XD heh heh heh)


chee said...

I love you!!

Miao said...

YAY! The S5C group is at the top of the list! :D

Glad you had fun! Stay happy and keep in touch!