Saturday, January 13, 2007

we can't live on hope

if u've realised, my mind usually shuts off when it comes into contact with erhum... philosophical stuff. or maybe to be specific, things that require me to think in a very abstract way or just think way out of e box.
i can't. i tried comprehending what my fren is saying by reading & re-reading what my friend typed in msn & i gave up after a few tries.
if there's anything i've learnt frm my 10min bus rides to NY everyday, it's this poster at e busstop before e NY busstop tt reads, u can't live on hope. indeed, hope can't feed our stomachs, neither can e philosophy of e human being, of human behaviour, of playing mind games fill our growling stomachs too. just admit it, we are all pathetic creatures, we love ctrl, we love power, we love seeing ppl unfold their different layers in front of us & manipulate them to our advantage. tt's just e way we are, so why analyse when it's nt going to get us anywhere, only make us more tired & burdened than we alrdy are.
e shock, e fear, e every complicated feelings tt we feel when we realised tt he/she is more than what we tot after much analyzing leaves us more hurt & more afraid to trust anything, even ourselves. we become paranoid & we feel jaded & tired of e wrld.
why bother? why bother to form complicated equations to human relations? why bother to waste time untying dead knots when we cld just have moved on & make sure we try nt to tie any "dead knots" in e future.
maybe the philosophy of life itself gives us an explanation for things tt are happening to us which we think shld nt have. maybe it's in NY tt i've learnt tt it doesnt really pay much to be kind. rather, it pays more to just stand there & look @ how dramatic e world can be....


Miao said...

You are right that maybe it is better to just be stoic and watch things change with an indifferent eye.

estelwen said...

yar maybeee. haha, like u said, time will tell XD