Sunday, January 21, 2007

Au revoir, les enfants


In the published script Malle wrote: "Il (Muller) tourne le dos a Julien, qui ne peut s'empecher de regarder vers Bonnet, une fraction de seconde. Muller se retourne, intercepte le regard...." (He (Müller) turns his back to Julien, who CAN'T HELP LOOKING TO BONNET, for a split second. Müller turns around and catches the glance...")
It's a kind of "guiltless becoming guilty" ... An "undisciplined" moment of a child, who can't resist to run into the trap, who has to "act out" instead of hiding this (for him) strange connection he feels to the stigmatized jewish boy, with fatal consequences...

Ironic reference a few scenes later: Müller speaks to the lined-up pupils in the yard: " The discipline is the power of the german soldier. That is what you French are lacking in: discipline..."

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