Tuesday, June 28, 2005

dare to love dare to hate

if u're nt aware, my motto for life is dare to love, dare to hate

i am overwhelmed with hatred & digust due to some incorrgible blind monkeys & assholes who has morals but uses it in the wrong the worst situations & this is made worse by them trying to sound impressive & knowledgeble & fair when in fact, they are worse than what they truly claim to be. upholders of moral rights u can go KISS MY ASS because i HATE U & if i ever am to find out who the hell u are, u are going to pay!

the controversy started because of a msn conversion was posted online w/o the authorisation of the people involved. i admit tt it is a betrayal of trust when one paste conversations online but looking at circle & what he did, i wonder if he deserves this kind of trust & respect.. why shld a hypocrite be respected when he doesn't respect others by relieving himself of a leadership position immediately w/o giving relevant pple involved any notice. who does he think he is to have such authority? did he even respect the president? NO! he treated this CCA as a refuge where he supposedly could show off his talent (& in my opinion, he had none whatsoever) & bring greater heights to RP. however, his "noble" aspirations where nt fulfilled when he was not appointed e president, now he quits saying tt he had sooooooo many other commitements till he will just die under the wrkload & he is MR ALL SO BUSY YAR RITE tt he is tooooooooo busy to even tell others ppl before hand of his resignation tt he has to do it on a last min basis. did hitler teach u tt blitzking attack?

if these shit heads wanna aruge with me, i'm fine with it. call me biased but anyone who goes against my friend because of a stupid reason & a insignificant shapeless shape is definitely out of his mind & i will definitely stand up for my friend. if u call tt biased, then i'd say tt biaseness in judegment because of a friend is definitely worth it because friendships mean more to me than anything else.

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

this entry ends abruptly... cldn't be bothered to continue since the anger isn't there anymore....
oh well... byebye

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